A Journey Beyond Time and Space

  From D'Jolie Rice, the creator of the "Great Moves Program", emerges this fascinating true story - a spiritual adventure through past life regression and karmic relationships, paranormal sensibilities, alien encounters, animal spirit totems, spirit guides, belly dance and yoga on the path to spiritual and physical balance and healing.

Author's Statement

  "I believe that we, as spiritual beings, evolve through the life process. We are all a composite of our experiences, and if we choose to work through these experiences in a positive way, we become better human beings with more to contribute to humanity. It is my hope that I have contributed in some small way to another human being's growth or at least the comfort of knowing they are not alone in their quest for love, health and spiritual growth. As it has been said "we are all joined in the hoop of a wheel that never ends."

The pen name D'Jolie, I have chosen out of respect to my father who passed on ten years ago. When I was born, he chose the middle name Jolie for me. My mother changed it to Joy, believing that to be the English translation for the French name. As I pondered on what name to use, I heard my guides whisper, 'D'Jolie' and I knew I had my new name. They always answer when I ask.