Angels and the Council of Three

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 For as long as I can remember they have been there - always three, androgynous, beautiful beyond human description, glowing as if lit from within by soft candlelight. As an infant they comforted me. Standing near and leaning over my crib they once whispered that I must keep my agreement to remain on earth. How lonely I felt and overwhelmed with longing for my real home as they faded from view.

 Once late at night I awoke to hear their angelic voices singing in the meadow behind our house. I managed to climb out of my crib and, following their voices outside, witnessed my first of many “space ships”. Totally delighted by this wondrous sight, I held out my arms and asked mentally to be taken back, but again my request was gently denied. They lovingly returned me to my crib and tucked me in. The next morning I tried in my two year old language to tell my mother of the marvelous visions of the previous night, but was scolded for “making things up”. It is no wonder that as innocent children who know the truth because they have just come from the source, refuse to talk about it after being silenced in such a way.

 On another night I awoke to a soft vibration pulling on the top of my head and knew my comforting friends were near. Again I managed to “escape” and once outside, looked up at the stars feeling that recurring sense of belonging somewhere other than this dense atmosphere in which I dwelled. I found that if I lay down on the soft earth so I could see only stars, after a while I felt like I was being pulled up to them. Longing for home I now knew where it was located.

 Years later my father completed the story he had told me of our descendancy from the Dannans of Ireland, who were originally Nordic. His explanation pulled it all together for me. This time he explained that our human race was seeded from the Pleiadians, and that although all humans have their blood the bloodline was stronger in some lines. Ours was one of those lines. He explained that because of this we are unusually sensitive to many earthly things including food, air temperature, bright lights and high-pitched sounds. He also told me of the extraterrestrials and not to fear them because they would be there to check on me from time to time, but would never harm me. Through my life this has happened many times. It ordinarily happens at night during the summer months. I awaken the next morning with a vague but comforting memory of time spent with them. Once during an especially dangerous health crisis, I awoke with the memory of bright flashing lights. When I asked my husband who had slept the night before in a room next to mine, he also had a vague memory of the lights but nothing else. That morning I noticed what appeared to be a needle mark in my left arm. My health issues, which were of a blood disorder, cleared up soon after. I believe I was given a transfusion of some type and am grateful to them for their help. On another morning, as I opened my eyes I saw a silver colored, egg shaped object disappearing through the ceiling above my head and again felt comforted by their presence.

 Ah, the Council of Three. In my late thirties I was made aware of a congenital heart murmur among other conditions caused by my forceps delivery. Although advised by doctors not to jog or engage in strenuous activity because of my erratic heartbeat, I completely ignored their advice, and I am still very much here. Needless to say, my experiences have not generated much respect for the orthodox approach of the American medical establishment.

 Turning my attention and faith inward to my spiritual guides, I discovered new and correct information on the care of this physical body. Unlike the so-called medical experts who had repeatedly sent me home with the wrong diagnosis, my spirit guides always proved quite helpful. I meditated nightly and often awoke with the memories of being healed while I slept. One morning when I awoke in state of utter tranquility, there before me floating about three feet in the air and seated at a crystal table were my three lifelong friends. They reacted to my awareness of them with surprised expressions and then slowly faded from view. As always, their luminous beauty rendered me enlightened, empowered, deeply at peace.

 Would it not be truly wonderful to have that feeling always? For several days nothing I encountered in this imperfect world could diminish that sensation. I witnessed light and beauty in all my worldly interactions. But the feeling did gradually subside.

 Yes, it would be wonderful to live in light and love always. But then, if we did how would we learn our lessons? I now know that one must see the world as it truly is in order to learn and become. When we can do this on our own, we can graduate from this plane of existence and go home… forever.

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