About D'Jolie

 I entered this life at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California. My mother had tried unsuccessfully to have children, so she turned to "the best doctors" for fertility treatments. It was a mixed blessing, for with their help, she was able to carry me full term, but when I was born, they rendered her unconscious and I was pulled out with forceps. This delivery left me with head trauma and severe migraines throughout most of my childhood, but opened me up to other realms.

 From early childhood, paranormal experiences were normal for me. As a mere child, I was aware of my "power animal totem", and three angels were always with me, gently reminding me when the pain became too intense to bear and I wanted to "go back", that I must stay.

 Southern California was a wonderful place then, and the beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu became my playground. As a teen, I attended the largest, and reputably the best, high school in the area. But much was missing from my dysfunctional home life. When I was twelve years old, I was invited by a friend to go to her Mormon church. The LDS way of life was so calming and comforting to me that I became a member, and to this day, I hold deep gratitude to my friend's mother and grandmother, and all who became my mentors. The Mormon Church gave me back what was sadly missing in my home.

 At fifteen, I began modeling in fashion shows and at seventeen, I was offered a career with the Harry Conover agency. I had plans to do fashion modeling and enroll at U.C.L.A. to study Archaeology and Anthropology. Life was good but my mother and stepfather had other plans. They were retiring and had bought a ranch in Southern Oregon. So, after graduating from high school, I was uprooted from everything I had ever known and moved to what I considered at the time to be the end of the earth. I detested my new environment so much that I married the first boy I dated just to escape.

 After ten years of marriage and three children, my husband and I had grown so far apart that we divorced. I just wanted to go home to L.A. Once there, my adventure began in earnest with a career modeling and staging fashion shows. One such show left me spellbound by a young Lebanese admirer. This adventure gave me my first taste of Middle Eastern food, and belly dancing. I later moved to San Francisco with his family. However, the restrictions placed on me by my loving, but overprotective Lebanese fiance became too much for my fiercely independent spirit, so I returned to Southern Oregon.

 Paranormal occurences started again and I discovered that through spiritual growth and natural healing, I could achieve balance in my being. After the appearance of Gray Eagle, who was my father in a past lifetime, I realized what my life's work was to be. Through a belly dancer friend, I was introduced to an elderly lady who became my teacher and helped me to remember who I really was and why I had chosen an Earthly sojourn.

 I began to experience karmic relationships, and one by one, the events of this history were cleared and released. After intermingling my visions and paranormal experiences (what Native Americans refer to as "walking with one foot in the dream world") and with meeting my teachers and literally dying three times, I had learned to fear nothing.

 Through it all, I kept practicing the ancient art form of belly dancing while learning yoga. Other forms of exercise seemed to fit in perfectly, so I devised an exercise program utilizing the best of each, and "Great Moves" was born.

 In the early 90's, I started working as an Elder Care Specialist and found this to be very rewarding. Each client I work with gives me new insights. I was filled with compassion for these wise women who taught me so much.

 I continue my work as a caretaker of the elderly, and now my three year old Black Labrador is becoming a therapy dog and partner in my service.